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Cancel and Return Policy

Raw Hair Extensions provides detailed information about their cancellation and return policies, which outline your rights and obligations, as well as any applicable limitations and exclusions. Please review this information carefully before making a purchase.

Cancel and Return Policy of Raw Hair Extensions

Raw Hair Extensions explains the cancellation and return policy. Please read this information carefully as it contains important details about your rights and obligations and limitations and exclusions that may apply to you.


We will make every effort to match each order to your exact specifications. Because our “raw hair extensions” are 100% real and original. Each piece comes from a separate donor.


We cannot guarantee hair color or texture. Our “raw hair extensions” come in a natural straight, natural wavy, natural body wave, natural deep wave, natural loose wave, and natural curly pattern.


Please note that ALL SALES ARE FINAL. 

We only accept returns for defective products. Return processing time 3 days after receiving the products.

We also accept exchanges if the products are damaged or defective. Refund processing time is 7 days.

Restocking fee is $ 49.

Cancellation of Order:

You may cancel your order before sending the amount. When our company receives your amount, your orders cannot be canceled but you can only change the order.


We will notify you of any corrections or changes and ask for your approval before we complete your order.

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