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Raw Hair Extensions Near Me

We are a wholesale supplier of 100% pure and original raw hair extensions. All of our hair is directly purchased from donors and temples, with no mediators or agents involved. We do not sell synthetic, non-Remy, animal hair, fiber, or plastic hair. We also do not sell any types of chemically processed or silicon dioxide-coated hairs. All of our hair comes from its origin country.


Although raw hair extensions may cost a bit more, they are worth it because they last a long time, remaining strong and unchanging. This means you won't need to replace them frequently. Additionally, raw hair extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair, giving you a natural look with the same feel, shine, and movement.


Our raw hair extensions are 100% pure, original, unprocessed, and natural, ensuring you experience the full beauty and versatility of authentic human hair.


Raw hair extensions are amazing because nothing has been changed about them. The cuticles, which are tiny parts of the hair, are left untouched, preventing tangling and keeping the hair smooth. Since no heat or chemicals have been used, the hair remains strong and lasts a long time.

Raw Hair Extensions

Single Donor Raw Hair
Single Donor hair Extensions
Original Raw Hair Extensions
Pure Raw Hair Extensions
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